Home Attendant Program

BJCC understands that many prefer to remain at home as they age. For some, a little extra help is needed to enable them to do so. BJCC’s Home Attendant Services Program provides this extra help to Medicaid recipients. Our hundreds of home attendants are carefully trained to be skilled at caring for clients, fully attentive to clients needs, and respectful of the responsibility of being in the client’s home.


A NORC is a Naturally Occurring Retirement Community. This is a community that was not originally built for seniors, but over time has become home to a significant proportion of older residents. In response to this community aging in place, the NORC program is an innovative model that coordinates a broad range of social and health care services to support senior residents. BJCC is the umbrella organization for the Amalgamated Park Reservoir and Pelham Parkway NORC supportive services programs. We are also affiliated with the Parkchester Enhancement Program.

West Bronx Housing and Neighborhood Resource Center (WBHNRC)

As the BJCC subsidiary charged with providing housing-related services, WBHNRC promotes and stimulates housing preservation, neighborhood stabilization, and reinvestment in the west Bronx, offering in-depth technical assistance and information to owners and tenants alike. Staff members have a thorough understanding of New York City housing regulations, the legal rights and responsibilities of both tenants and owners, and take into consideration the concerns of each. Services provided enable residents of the west Bronx to obtain and maintain safe, affordable housing.


Bronx Jewish Community Council is the umbrella organization to several local Jewish Community Councils (JCCs). These JCCs are located throughout the borough, providing necessary social services to residents in the local communities. For a list of Locations click here.